Speciality assessments

Gifted Evaluations

We prioritize your child's unique needs by offering comprehensive evaluations for giftedness. We understand that gifted children often demonstrate a range of exceptional abilities, and we recognize the importance of addressing their asynchronous development. Our evaluations provide a holistic view of your child's development, offering tangible recommendations to support both you and your child's school in nurturing their exceptional skills.

Our assessments cover a wide spectrum, including cognitive abilities, academic aptitude and achievement, as well as foundational skills and behaviors such as adaptive functioning. To ensure a thorough understanding, we gather input from parents and teachers through quantitative and qualitative observation scales, assessing various talents and abilities.

In accordance with Arizona statute, we provide a formal determination of giftedness along with tailored recommendations for the school environment. In cases where multiple exceptionalities are suspected, we conduct additional assessments to offer a comprehensive understanding of your child's abilities and needs. Our evaluations are suitable for children aged 4 years and older.

We always knew my son was bored, but we didn't realize how much he would thrive after testing into the gifted program at his school.

- Marie, Parent of gifted child assessed at AZPAC