Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)

We are a preferred vendor for many families and frequently complete IEE's through local Arizona school districts. We help you navigate this process in a timely manner.

3 questions when considering an IEE:
  1. Does your child attend a public or charter school?
  2. Has your child had an evaluation for special education services through the school district within the past 2 years?
  3. Do you disagree with the evaluation or would you like a second-opinion from someone not employed by the school district?

If you answered "YES" to the 3 questions, then an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) may be the best next step.

The IEE must be completed by a qualified evaluator who is not employed by the school district responsible for the education of the child.

The evaluators at the Arizona Pediatric Assessment Center are qualified evaluators for IEE's.

how do i request
an iee?

This is where the clinical team at the Arizona Pediatric Assessment Center will guide you along in the process.

Your first step is to set up a free 15-minute phone consult to talk more about your concerns and goals for the assessment. During this call we will walk you through the simple steps to formally request an IEE with your district. 

(we'll email you the straightforward email template to use)

On this call, we will also tentatively schedule the parent intake (typically within two weeks). That's it!

What testing is 
included in the IEE?

The testing is determined based on your concerns and the areas of academic eligibility being considered. 

Most IEE"s include:
  • A parent/caregiver interview including developmental history, current concerns, goals, and strengths.

  • Testing of IQ, academics, executive functioning, phonological processing, social and emotional perception, and/or language.

  • Social/behavioral testing using the ADOS-2 and/or MIGDAS-2.

  • Social, emotional, and behavioral questionnaires completed by parents/caregivers and teachers.

  • Classroom observation and teacher interview. 

  • A comprehensive report reviewed at a feedback meeting with results, medical diagnoses, recommendations for school eligibility, recommendations to aid the MET Team, and community based interventions/recommendations. 

  • Attendance at an IEP meeting to review the results and recommendations with the educational team. 

Who is qualified to
complete the IEE?

The School District is 100% responsible for the expenses of the IEE so that the expenses are not "unreasonable."

We will coordinate costs and approval with the district prior to scheduling the IEE so that there are no financial surprises to you.

who pays for the IEE?

Basically an IEE is a second opinion with a private evaluation.

Under the IDEA act, parents have a right to an independent educational evaluation at the district's expense if the parent disagrees with a school district's evaluation.

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What is an IEE?

now we have direction

Dr. Griffiths and her team helped me better understand PDA and how this was affecting my son at school.  We know have all the right supports in place and I feel more confident as a parent. 

helped getting services

We were able to use the assessment from AZ Peds Center to get DDD services in our home and my daughter is making progress in the areas we were concerned about. 

helped at school meeting

I was so grateful to have Mr. Albaugh attend the first IEP meeting with me.  He was able to share the assessment with the team and help create goals.

I felt really welcome

My daughter has a lot of energy and Dr. Ford was so patient and kind to her.  It really helped me feel at ease knowing they could keep up with her active energy.

What makes us different

We Do Details

Every assessment includes an understanding of your child's strengths and areas of growth.  We collaborate with teachers, pediatricians, therapists, family members, and medication providers. 

We're Personal

Our office is designed to look  and feel like your living room.  Your child will feel at home and relaxed for the assessment.  We don't do stuffy or big fancy words that real people don't understand.  Our reports are easy to understand.  

We're Experienced

We went to school for a long time to earn those little letters after our names. We also worked in a variety of settings with different kids and families (so nothing really shocks us).  Our team also continues to attend trainings, obtain certifications, and keep up to date with recent research and mental heath concerns. 

Phone Consult

Let's talk more about working together

Multiple openings every week for us to schedule 15-minutes to talk through the process.  We'll talk about your concerns, goals, and how we develop a strength-based assessment for your child. 

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